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Santa Beards and Wigs

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All of our Santa wigs, Santa beards, mustaches and eyebrows are hand-made in our studios, using high quality human or, in some cases, yak hair. Each piece is built from scratch, with carefully hand-knotted hairlines to ensure the wigs and beards look like you grew them yourself.

Below, you can see photos of Santa wig and beards we have created – you can also check out our Santa FAQ, with answers to the most commonly asked questions about using and ordering our products.

 While we are no longer taking orders for 2015, this is the perfect time to place your order for 2016. Custom orders placed now can take advantage of our Early Santa Discount, and will be guaranteed delivery by early summer.

Santa Wig and Beard Styles

 We offer a line of “one size fits most” Ready To Wear wigs and beards as well as an extensive array of custom wigs and beards. Below, you’ll find the details of both Ready to Wear and Custom Santa Wig and Beard sets. For more information on how our sets are made and the best way to care for them, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

“Ready to Wear” Santa Wigs and Beards

Our human hair “ready to wear” Santa wigs and beards are made by hand like our custom sets, but they are made to fit a standard head size of 22-23 inches, and they come in a standard length and style. They are an excellent choice for a Santa who  needs a simple, high quality wig or beard or an organization who needs a great wig and beard set that can be worn by multiple Santas. Our Standard Santa beards and wigs are available for immediate purchase in our online store, the Emporium.

Custom Santa Wigs and Beards

Custom Santa Wigs and Beards – Tier One

Created in a smaller scale, these wigs and beards tend to be similar in size and length to “real” hair or beards and are perfect for Santas who want to recreate their own whiskers or have pieces that are realistic or who want wigs and beards are just a little longer or fuller – they’re a bit magical but still close to real life proportions. Cost range is  $1100-1275 for wig, beard and mustache set

Custom Santa Wigs and Beards – Tier Two

Santa wigs and beards  in this tier are among our most popular – the beards are longer and fuller than Tier One and often draw their inspiration from such iconic Santas styles as Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause and the Classic Coca Cola Santa. Cost  range is usually $1300-1475 for wig, beard and mustache set

Custom Santa Wigs and Beards – Tier three

These are our largest and most magical Santa beards and wigs. Perfect for the Santa who like the classic Charles W. Howard yak sets or wants the largest, fullest beard. Cost range is $1500 and up for wig beard and mustache set


 Custom Mrs. Claus wigs and other holiday character wigs

In addition our Santa beards and wigs, we also create custom wigs and hairpieces for Mrs. Claus and other holiday characters. If you need a wig or facial hair for a holiday play or pageant, seasonal figure or other, we can build the perfect piece for you.

SANTA Wigs and Beards FAQ

How much does a custom Santa wig or beard cost?

Custom sets can cost $1100-1750, depending on the size of the set.  You can see examples of the size and scale of Santa wigs and beards below. Sets ordered between Oct 1 and March 31 are eligible for our Early Santa Discount. If you just want a beard or a wig, the cost range is generally $600-750 for the wig, and $600-850 for the beard

How long will it take to get my set?

Depending on the time of year you order, it can take 8-12 weeks. We recommend ordering  as early as possible to ensure timely delivery. We begin taking orders for custom pieces in October of the proceeding year, during which time you can take advantage of our Early Santa Discounts. July 31 is the last day to order a Custom Set in order to guarantee its delivery for the holiday season. Due to high demand, we are only able to create a limited number of Custom sets each year, and are generally booked up by August.

How long can I expect my custom wig and beard to last?

We know a custom Santa set is an investment in your work. With good care and handling, you can expect one of our custom sets to last for many years, even with heavy wear.  If the day comes when your pieces aren’t looking as fresh, we can simply put a brand new lace front onto the wig or beard, extending it’s life by many more years. Read more about the care and handling here

How are the custom wigs and beards made?

Every piece is made by hand. The hairs are knotted into a hand tailored foundation of sturdy mesh, which is very lightweight and durable, allowing for a lighter, cooler wig or beard. At the hairline of both wig and beard, we use a light, transparent mesh (generally referred to as a “lace front”), which lays against the skin discreetly. All of this ensures the hairs looks as though you have grown them yourself, even up close.

Is the mustache separate from the beard?

Yes. Our wigs, beards and mustaches are all separate pieces. This allows for maximum facial mobility and best fit.

Does the beard have a strap?

Yes – starting in 2016, all of our custom and ready-to-wear wig and beard sets will come with an elastic strap. Because we only advise using the strap if you have a wig or very full hair, Santas purchasing just a beard should let us know if they prefer a strap on their beard.

What kind of hair do you use?

We use primarily human hair because it’s durable, versatile and allows us to make a consistently excellent product. By client request, or for certain styles, we also use yak hair. We do not use synthetic hair for our Santa wigs and beards.

How do I order a custom wig or beard?

We try to make it as easy as possible! Simply email us and, if possible, include an image or two of how you’d like your new wig or whiskers to look. Then we’ll be able to get you a project agreement with your cost and estimated delivery date. We’ll just need that agreement signed, a down payment (payable via bank draft, paypal or credit card) and  tracings of your head and face. This can all be done in person or long distance.

How do you achieve the custom fit?

We begin the process of building our Custom Santa Beards and Wigs by getting detailed head and chin tracings for our clients, as seen in our video tutorials. We use those tracings to carefully tailor the foundation of the wig or beard to fit you.

Do I need to order my custom wig or beard in person?

We’re always happy to see our clients in person, but it’s not necessary to having a successful custom set created. By mailing in the head and face tracings, we can build your set to fit you without the need for travel. If you do opt to travel in for a fitting, you can still simply mail in the tracings and then schedule a fitting and pick up date when the set is completed.

How do I make an appointment to order or pick up a set?

We take appointments from 10-6 Monday through Friday, just email us to set up a time!

I’ve ordered a wig or beard – what should I do to prepare? What supplies will I need? How should I care for it?

Check out our “owner’s manual” and learn what to expect!

Is there more information on your Santa beard and wigs? 

Yes – we have a whole series of videos and posts to help you! You can see how our wigs and beard are built, how to put them on and how to take care of them. Additionally, our Santas will have access to a library of exclusive content to help them care for and use their wigs or beards, starting in 2015.

I want my wig or beard to be unique! How do I order the right custom Santa beard or wig for me? 

To ensure our Santas get their perfect custom wig or custom beard, we have a conversation via email about the “look” of the sets to ensure that their set is just right. During this process, we have our Santas send us photos or images of wigs or beards they like, and photos of themselves. We encourage new Santa clients to look through some of the custom Santa sets we have created in our galleries below in order to get an idea of the overall size and scale of the set they want.

In previous seasons, I have used my own hair or beard, but this year I need to transition to a traditional or designer set – how can I make the transition and maintain my signature “look”?

We work with many Santas who have used their own hair or facial hair, some of whom continue to do so even after they order a custom set. We can create a wig or beard to match your own hair or whiskers in order to maintain your “look”.

I’m a Real Bearded Santa, but I want to have a wig made – is this possible?

Yes! We often create a wig to match Santa’s own whiskers (or vice versa). We are able to make pieces that are the same color and texture as your own hair in order to  create a seamless transition.

Do you offer cleaning service?

You can keep your new set in tip top shape by using our Santa Care Cleaning and Maintenance Service annually – this service provides proper cleaning of wigs, beards and facial hair and checks each piece for any wear and tear issues, and addresses any repairs or changes that might be needed. It’s free for the first year with any custom set ordered during the Early Santa Discount period!

What kind of glue or tape should I use for my wig, beard or mustache?

We really suggest that our Santas consider the benefits and drawbacks of the commercially available glues and tapes. Some products will work better for one Santa than for another, and some will work more effectively in certain conditions or environments. The best thing to do is practice getting your wig or beard on and see what techniques and products work best for you. We do highly recommend the products that Santa Leon McBryde sells through his company Pro-Knows/Pro-Face. In addition to an excellent tape, he sells makeup kits for Santa and a white mascara for coloring hair and eyebrows.

For more information, please check out our Santa blog posts and our Client Gallery.  You can learn more about wearing and handling our wigs and beards in these video tutorials! If you like some of the photos you see here, be sure to check out our add-on photography packages, the Santa Session!